Scissor Sisters arrival in Singapore

Scissor Sisters arrived in Singapore earlier today for the first time since they invaded the charts. I asked Jake what took Scissor Sisters so long to come play a gig here and he was like, “I don’t know! We’ve always wanted to play in Asia but I don’t know why we never did.”

Oh well, better late than never right? 🙂

Anyway, Jake Shears, Del Marquis and Babydaddy were super nice and friendly. Absolutely no airs about them. Jake even thanked us for coming out to see them. I love celebrities like these.

As for Ana, well, we probably missed her. We’re not sure how it happened as well. We saw 2 ladies there but weren’t sure if it was her or not. Both had red hair and we even went to google to find pictures of her to confirm. In the end, we still couldn’t work out if one of those ladies was Ana or not. Hahaha.

In all honesty, if one of those ladies we saw was Ana then I must say that her make up is freaking awesome. And without make up, Ana is quite literally unrecognizable… at least for us.

Oh well, here are the photos from earlier:

Babydaddy Scissor Sisters
Jake Shears
Del Marquis
Babydaddy's autograph
Jake Shears' autograph
Del Marquis' autograph
Signed album (minus Ana)

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