Foster The People Meet & Greet session

Foster The People did a very rushed meet & greet session before their due stage time.

Meet & Greet pass for Foster The People

We actually missed the opening act for Foster The People. Quite a shame because they didn’t sound too shabby from where we were standing (which was actually outside the concert grounds, behind the stage).

It actually kinda sucks how meet & greet happen when the opening act is playing. What if among the meet & greet winners, there was a fan of the opening act? Then they would have missed them! It has actually happened at a meet & greet that I went to before. I was so annoyed and I actually went to complain to the manager and told him off somewhat.

Anyway, the guys from Foster The People looked beat from their hectic day. After arrival, they had lunch and then it was interviews for the rest of the afternoon before meet & greet and the concert. They were actually wearing the same thing at the meet & greet as they did upon arrival! Haha.

Here’s another set of autograph that I got from the guys. πŸ™‚ Anyone want it?

[Update | 16 January 2012]

Looks like a few of you want the autograph and I only have one extra set. Since I’m not sure if you guys will get an email notification when I reply to you via the comments;Β I’ll give it to the first person who email me ( and will be able to meet in the City Hall area.Β We’ll sort out the details via email. Cheers.

[Update | 17 January 2012]

I’ve got a few people who responded about the extra autograph. I’m going down the list now. If they don’t respond within a certain time, I’ll pass it to the next person so please be patient. I will reply to everyone ultimately.

[Update | 26 January 2012]

I’m still going down the list. Took a break for a couple days due to the Chinese New Year. If I haven’t replied to your email, you are still in the queue. I will update here and reply to everyone when the autograph is gone.

[Update | 29 January 2012]

The autograph has been given away. I’ve responded to everyone. Till the next one.

9 thoughts on “Foster The People Meet & Greet session

  1. hi may I know if you have the meet and greet photos?! xD because I was one of the winners under and I would like to have a copy of the photos taken of the winners with FTP!

    1. I don’t have the meet and greet photos myself. Then again, be patient and wait for it. It’s the weekend and those people probably are resting. Wait for a few days and contact the person who told you that you won the tickets if they haven’t sent it to you by the end of the week?

  2. hey! i saw your blog while looking if somebody got their photos already, well apparently not πŸ˜› can i ask for your extra autograph? i wasn’t able to bring the album with me during that time since I just flew in that weekend just to see them and i only had them sign my ticket which I lost during the concert 😐 the crowd was very pushy 😐 if you’re willing to give it to me, just email me πŸ™‚

    PS: i have to agree it was very rushed, i was expecting that we’d get individual photos with them and not as a whole group and we could talk to them longer but oh well, it’s already so much to ask for πŸ™‚

  3. how did you get their extra autographs?!?! haha!
    i tried getting them to sign my poster and album but the lady showed me attitude so i let them sign the poster instead.

    1. πŸ™‚ i met them at the airport when they arrived and i got one set then. i only got one set at the meet & greet. that’s why it’s an extra for me!

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