Foster The People Live in Singapore 2012 Review

Foster The People took to the stage just past 9pm last night. Fortunately for me, because I was at the meet & greet with the band, I didn’t have to wait too long for the band to take the stage. I kinda pity those fans who went to queue up at 7am at Fort Gate yesterday morning.

DJs spinning after the opening act, before Foster The People

There was a DJ duo who were spinning after the opening act but before Foster The People took to the stage. I’m not really sure who they are but they weren’t shabby. Not too bad I’d say. I’m also sure that most of the concert goers would have been happier if Foster The People took to the stage earlier.

The crowd went wild when Foster The People got on stage. I must say that I am not familiar enough with their songs to know what songs were done last night. Haha. I only know “Pumped Up Kicks” (duh) and “Call It What You Want”.

The guys were good and their lack of interaction and banter between songs can be forgiven due to their crazy schedule.

I must say that the incessant flashing of lights during the show was extremely annoying. It did mar the concert experience a little for me. The way the lights flashed, it hurts the eye and did give me a slight headache for a while. For a good while, I had to keep looking at the grass on the field because of the flashing lights.

Also, the open air venue meant that there were so many smokers lighting up and puffing away. Fortunately, I wasn’t a big enough fan to want to squeeze into the crowd or I’m sure I would have suffocated in there.

Anyway, back to the songs, I liked what I heard live and it sure was better than the CD. Foster The People were also very good at making a super long instrumental introductions, interludes and endings. I thought when Maroon 5 made a 3 minute song, 7 minutes long with that uber long guitar solo, they took the cake. Foster The People managed to beat that in terms of the overall instrumental music content.

I must say that I really, really liked how they did the remix versions of “Pumped Up Kicks” live. 🙂 It was so awesome. That song was clearly the crowd favourite and everyone were happily singing along to the chorus:

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, out run my gun.
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

Here are the photos that turned out ok from the gig last night:

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