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Trying to buy the hotly coveted tickets to the Singapore dates of the Super Show 4: The Super Junior World Tour is such a nightmare! It felt a scene of food distribution in a famine/war like you watch in the movies.

The minute the clock struck 10:00 am on 14 January 2012 it was non-stop madness. It was just presale for OCBC credit and debit card holders and in 17 minutes, most of the tickets were gone! Roxanne was trying for 1 hour and she couldn’t get past the screen where you see the seats you were allocated. (Thanks again Rox.)

The next day during public sale, it was the same. Despite the people at Running Into The Sun tweeting about how there were still tickets available, all I could see was “sold out” every time I refreshed the screen. 🙁

Today, it was announced officially that all tickets for both dates are sold out! It was a totally deflating feeling. It feels like I never really stood a chance to get hold of the tickets in the first place. And that I’m probably not fated to Leeteuk before he enlists in the army.

It’s so depressing to know that I am not able to get hold of a ticket to attend a concert that I really want to go to. The feeling is quite the same if not slightly worse than how I cannot make it for the Foo Fighters gig.

I know there’s a black market for tickets out there but it’s highly messy and confusing right now. That doesn’t even include those people trading tickets because they all got separated from their group.

So that said, anyone wants to offer me tickets? You can tweet me @jovenatheart or email me at Thanks.

[Update | 26 January 2012]

So I managed to get the Cat 1 terrace tickets that I wanted. I’m a very happy girl now. If you have/want tickets, perhaps you can post on the comments and I can refer you guys around.

A cousin has a friend who apparently overbought tickets to Cat 2. I’m not sure how many they have but if anyone is interested, let me know.

I do not guarantee anything though. I just trying to help any fellow ELFs get to the Super Show. 🙂

That said, please only offer it at face-value ticket price + sistic fees. If there are any additional charges due to overseas tickets/charges, it’s fair to add it but please produce proof of those extra charges when asked. If there is anyone who is trying to overcharge for tickets, I have no issues with referring you to RITS.

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  1. i wanted to ask you that how much did the close to the stage tickets cost in SG? im not from SG but ill see how much it is in my country so how much is the “golden” ticket cost?

    1. in SG the tickets were SGD 228 (standing pit and steads on the terrace) and 168 (balcony upstairs). there was a SGD 3 fee for the ticket. i was on the 228 terrace. 🙂

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