Siwon, Donghae and Ivy Chen at the Skip Beat Promo at Plaza Singapura

Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae arrived earlier today ahead of the Super Show 4 this weekend together with Ivy Chen to do some promotion for their drama series “Skip Beat”. The appearance/fan meet happened at Plaza Singapura earlier this evening. This is the first time I’m seeing Siwon and Donghae in the flesh and I can die happy now. The only regret I’ll have is that I haven’t been to the Super Show.

I must say that I still like them both equally much after seeing them in the flesh. Haha. I haven’t changed my mind. For the record, Siwon > Donghae > Hyukjae > Kyuhyun, still stands. I’ll let you know if I have changed my mind after Super Show 4 on Saturday.

Ivy Chen on the other hand, had a really nasal and screechy voice. While it is cute in Skip Beat, it sounded kinda irritating after a while in person. The whole event was so Siwon and Donghae centric really. Poor Ivy was like there only because she was the lead actress but the truth is, no one really gave a hoot about her.

Also, the sound system was pretty bad. I think they only had 2 speakers at the front of the stage or something and if you weren’t right in front of the stage, you quite literally could hear shit. Most of the time, I think the fans upstairs were screaming only because of the sight of Siwon and Donghae and/or some action they made. Couldn’t really hear properly what they were saying as well.

Siwon definitely carried himself well and looked every bit as handsome as all the photos that I’ve seen him in. His voice was also well projected as opposed to Donghae. Donghae was like talking to the mouse or something, couldn’t hear him at all!

Also, during the entire event, Donghae had his classic/trademark “lost boy” look on his face. Adorable as hell though I cannot stand his hair today. He needs to comb his hair up and expose his forehead like his look in the “Mr Simple” video! He looks so much better that way!

Anyway, I’m not really sure what happened during the fan meet session coz I was blocked a lot of and moving around. Given the bad sound, I’m not sure of what was happening on the stage also so I can’t give you guys details on that.

From what little I could hear, I know that Siwon is more comfortable speaking in English than in Mandarin. Haha. Donghae on the other hand sucked at both English and Mandarin. It’s clear that Donghae hasn’t been practicing his mandarin a lot relative to Siwon. Either that or Siwon is just smarter. Hehehe.

Towards the end of the fan meet, Donghae lead everyone to sing a birthday song for Siwon. 🙂 While not pitch perfect, Siwon definitely looked very happy. 🙂

I think some of my photos of Siwon, Donghae and Ivy came out decent. I’ll try to extract some stills from my videos too to post here as soon as I can.

[Update | 18 February 2012]

Here are some of the photos that I took there which came out decent:

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