a1, Blue and Jeff Timmons at the Autograph Signing Session

Initially, we didn’t want to go down to the autograph signing session as we were helping our friends from Thailand to check into their accommodation, it was getting late and we were expecting that by the time we got to the venue, the whole autograph session would be over.

However, our Thai friends still wanted to head down to the venue because they were such big fans (they flew in to Singapore to see the guys) so we went along. Due to their dedication, the people working with Blue let them join the queue for the autograph session. I didn’t manage to join the queue as was on the second floor making this video:

Like I’ve mentioned in the other blog post of their arrival, I didn’t really need any more autographs from any of them. I don’t know what to do with a poster anyway. I have too many of them.

Anyway, to make up for the lack of photos of a1 at the arrival, at the autograph session, only my photos of a1 turned out ok. Haha. The photos of the other guys turned out blur actually. It evened out eventually. Haha. Oh well.

Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read, Ben Adams and Jeff Timmons

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