Hello from Guilin in China!

Hello all from Guilin in China! It’s been raining everyday since I’ve arrived and it’s really cold. Kinda worried that I do not have enough warm clothing really. Sure I can buy more clothes but the rain is just annoying and depressing. It’s worse than London really.

Anyway, there isn’t anything spectacular in terms of scenery so far. Jiuzhaigou still wins so far for views.

Quite annoyed with the tour guide so far. He has been pretty disorganized and everyone has been confused over what is going on and what is going to happen next.

Furthermore, we now have an issue. When we were given the itinerary, we were told that we’d be staying in Sheraton in Guilin for 3 nights. However, it didn’t happen. We’re now put up in a hotel called “Jing Xiang Hotel (景翔酒店)”. When we asked about the hotel discrepancy, the tour guide from China and Singapore evaded the question. This is gross misrepresentation and extremely poor customer service.

Anyway, 3 days gone and 5 more to go. We’ll see what kind of drama these folks from CTC Tours are up to next.

Oh and please help me pray for the rain to stop in Guilin. Thanks.


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