The Fray Live in Singapore 2012

The Fray are coming to Singapore again! However, this time around, it’s a private show organized by Singtel happening on 24 June 2012 7 November 2012. Tickets are not for sale. Boo.

If you’re a fan of Sony products and happen to be looking for a new phone with Singtel, then you’re in luck. If you buy or pre-order the Sony Xperia P with any Singtel 3G Flexi plan, you’ll receive a pair of tickets to this exclusive show.

However, if you got tickets and don’t want to go, don’t be an ass and sell it off at exorbitant prices. You got the tickets for free. Give it to another fan for free or a tiny token sum for the postage/hassle.


Big thanks to Wizwarez for the tip off in the comments. It is legit that the concert has been postponed to 7 November 2012. Apparently, Singtel will issue replacement tickets so the ticket for the 24 June 2012 show WILL NOT BE VALID for the 7 November 2012 show.

Spread the word!

As for those of you who have bought tickets over the black market I suggest that you contact the sellers to work something out. At the end of the day, it is a black market so don’t whinge if things don’t work out.

207 thoughts on “The Fray Live in Singapore 2012

  1. Got a pair of tickets today..don’t think will be going.. anyone interested to buy contact 8-2-2-3-0-2-3-2

    1. Got to know from Singtel that concert is rescheduled to 7 Nov by the Organizer.  Replacement tickets will be sent.  Please take note.

      1. selling two tickets for nov 7 fray concert tickets had it from singet i can t attend going overseas

  2. Someone sold me a ticket but  noticed at the back it says non transferable. Does that mean that only the person it was issued to can use it? 

    1. not sure to be honest. i don’t have a ticket myself. i think as long as there is no name/number and it is not from a contest where u need to collect a ticket it is fine?

      1. Thanks. There is no name  on the ticket, actually, but I was  thinking that since the ticket was given to the people who subscribed it may be listed on their name and someone may check at the entrance. Maybe just paranoid. 🙂 

  3. I would like 1 ticket. Please sms me at 97986520 if you have a spare ticket. Thanks!

  4. I heard that The Fray Concert on 24 June has been rescheduled?  Any confirmation on this as this will pose problem for those who bought the tickets 2nd hand.  Please advise.  Thanks.

    1. yeah i’m hearing from a few sources that the concert has been rescheduled to 7 nov. if you have bought second hand tickets, it’s best you contact the seller to work something out since Wizwarez posted in the comments that replacement tickets will be sent.

      1. must the person who make replacement the one who bought the phone? the person who sold the tickets have gone abroad T.T I’m so desperate right now…

      2. I think so. My understanding is that replacement tickets are sent to the person who got the tickets orginally but like i’ve always said, it is a black market so there really aren’t any rules around it. Encouraging people to be fair and honest is just about all I can do.

  5. Sorry to hijack your blog for this, jovenatheart. I have two tickets available for sale. These are the reprinted ones with the  7 November date. Please email if interested. Thanks.

  6. selling ONE pair of tickets to The Fray’s Exclusive Concert Live in Singapore on the 7th of November 2012. interested parties, email me at, and please indicate your price as well. Price is of course, negotiable.

  7. I’m selling one pair of tixs. Anyone interested please tell me and type down your email below. Thanks.

  8. hello.. anyone who would like to sell their tickets, please contact me.. i need 2 tickets.. 90250844..

  9. I have 2 tickets for sale for The Fray’s concert on Nov. 7. Anyone interested? Sms me.. 97110166

  10. Also selling one pair of tickets to The Fray’s concert at Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel on the 7th Nov. Please kindly email me at, indicating price. Pice is negotiable. 🙂

  11. Anyone selling a ticket to the fray’s concert on the 7th, please text me at 94504809. Still looking for it.

  12. Selling 1 pair of tickets to The Fray’s Exclusive Concert Live In Singapore On 7th November 2012 !!! Interested please email me @ & with your price too cos there are not many tix left out there 🙂

  13. I sold my tickets to a luvly lady 3 months ago for the 24 June concert which was canceled. Hope she could contact me to get the replacement tickets. Please contact me at 8-2-2-3-0-2-3-2 as I have lost her contact number.

  14. selling one pair of tickets to The Fray’s showcase on 7th November 2012. Interested? just sms me to 91754296.thanks!

  15. Selling two tickets to The Fray’s Exclusive Concert Live on the 7 Nov. Interested parties can sms me at 91271813, pls indicate your price as well..

  16. i need two tickets for the event.. my current residence is in Malaysia but i’m very serious and i hope any seller would kindly be willing to sort something out.. please :(?

  17. I have one pair of tickets for sale! E-mail me at sahira.zul[@] with your offer and I will get back to you 🙂

  18. I’m interested in a pair of ticket, please sms me your selling price, 9 six 4 five 2 six 8 six or email zynestewong[@]

  19. I have a ticket to spare ( sorry guys single ticket only available). Im selling it so if your interested you can SMS me at 9325 1695. have a nice day!

  20. selling ONE pair of tickets to The Fray’s Exclusive Concert Live in Singapore on the 7th of November 2012. interested parties, email me at, and please indicate your price as well. 8-3-6-6-6-6-5-2 🙂

  21. Hi, selling a pair of tickets to The Fray’s Exclusive Concert Live in Singapore today! Text me at 96174106 🙂

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