Travelling through Guangzhou, Hezhou, Guilin and Yangshuo (Part 2)

  • 100 year old Zhuang Village — This is pretty interesting. We went to the village of the Zhuang minority ethnic group and got to see their housing and lifestyle. It’s kinda like a house visit (though you know that it’s mostly staged).

Woman in the traditional Zhuang costume

As we left the village, we got stuck in a traffic jam along the mountain road as there was an accident. A truck carrying white cement flipped on the side and quite literally blocked more than half of the road:

The accident must have happened just before we got there as we were really near the front of the pack in the traffic jam. You can see that the vehicles were trying to squeeze through what’s left of the road. Our driver managed to squeeze our tour bus past the flipped truck and it was definitely a very harrowing experience. Also, just so you know, no one died. The 3 guys in the flipped over truck escaped with only minor injuries.

  • Lijiang Cruise along the 10 Famous Hills — We took a one hour cruise up and down a small portion of Lijiang to view the various Hills along the river which supposed resembles something interesting. 所谓想象,越想越象. Honestly, I didn’t really see the semblances in most of them because my imagination is quite bad. Haha.

Do you see an elephant drinking water here?
  • Cable Car ride up Yaoshan — This cable car ride is quite intimidating when you look at it. You’re sitting on this filmsy looking ski lift chair up a 900 metres tall mountain. However, the view is pretty fantastic if you can get over your fear of heights. This is actually quite worth your while.

  • Rongshanhu City Park — It’s actually a huge lake in the middle of the city. It apparently takes about and hour or so to walk the whole perimeter of the lake. It’s a very peaceful and nice place to start off your day. You can see the locals doing their taiji and other morning exercises oblivious to the tourists thronging the place.
  • Cruise on the Yangshuo portion of Lijiang — This is the nice and dreamy scenery of Guilin that you see/hear about in paintings. The Guilin bit of Lijiang is just too built up like a city to be considered picturesque.

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