Pixie Lott Promo in Singapore 2012

[5 May 2012 | Entry rewritten to consolidate all the information properly]

People! Universal Music Singapore has just confirmed that Pixie Lott will be dropping by Singapore for a promotional trip!

So here’s the consolidated information of her promotional trip so far:

Pixie Lott will do a showcase on 18 May 2012, 7pm at Zirca and an autograph session on 17 May 2012, 7pm at the Bugis Junction fountain area.

Showcase information:

Maybank is the main sponsor (I believe) and to gain entry into the showcase there’s 2 options:

1) via Maybank

Charge S$4,000 or more to your Maybank Platinum Visa card and S$6,000 or more on all other Maybank cards, you are entitled to redeem a pair of tickets to the Pixie Lott showcase.

However, how many of you guys actually have a credit card let alone a Maybank credit card? Also, would your parents actually charge that much to their Maybank cards to get that pair of tickets? That is assuming that there isn’t any large ticket items that you guys were already planning to charge to the credit card.


In any case, here’s more information about the Maybank redemption for the Pixie Lott showcase tickets.

2) via Universal Music Singapore Facebook’s page

1) Take a picture of YOU holding PIXIE LOTT’s Young Foolish Happy CD.
2) Post the picture as your Facebook profile photo.
3) ‘Like’ the Universal Music Singapore Facebook photo post, post a comment on why you love Pixie and why wanna go to her showcase.

Contest ends this Sunday, 15 Apr 2012, 12 midnight (SG).

p/s: If you get more than 20 ‘likes’ on your post, you’ll stand to win meet and greet with Pixie Lott at her showcase! So hurry and good luck!

Autograph session information:

The autograph session will happen on 17 May 2012. 7pm at the Bugis Junction Fountain Area.

Pixie Lott will be signing autographs only on copies of her latest album “Young Foolish Happy”. Okay, latest update [since 24 April 2012] Universal Music Singapore just announced on Twitter that only the Asian Deluxe Edition of Young Foolish Happy” is valid for the autograph session.

[5 May 2012] You can win Pixie Lott showcase passes from HMV! Simply buy the Asian deluxe edition of Young Foolish Happy from HMV, and bring the cd and autograph coupon to Bugis Junction, 17 May, 7pm. Before u go on stage to get Pixie’s autograph, write your Name, NRIC and contact number at the back of autograph coupon. The UMG folks will collect the coupon before u go on stage. The draw will be done at the end of the session!

For those of you who have already gotten/won passes to the showcase from other places, give other Crazy Cats a chance ok? Write their details on the coupons and of course, make sure they are there at Bugis Junction to collect the prize should they get picked!

[16 May 2012 | Updates]

Pixie Lott will be at Knightsbridge Topshop about 8 pm for her #StyleByPixie promo with some contest winners later today. I’m pretty sure you can peer in from outside.

Pixie Lott will also go for a karaoke session with a winner from 987FM tomorrow (17 May 2012) but I’m not sure which KBox outlet and what time.

8 thoughts on “Pixie Lott Promo in Singapore 2012

    1. No idea sorry. Try looking for your local universal music facebook page and spam them there! 🙂

    2. no idea sorry. try looking for your local universal music facebook page and spam them. 🙂

  1. anyone knows if kid could enter ZIRCA for Pixie Lott’s performance on 18 May ???

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