Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition + Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal

So I finally went to the Titanic exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum last night just before it closes (last show in Singapore on 29 April 2012). I should have gone earlier really. It’s a pretty good exhibition.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

I actually like how they recreated various sections of the Titanic and weaved the whole exhibit into a timeline which traces the “life” of Titanic from its construction till its  sinking. The very creative use of the senses made the exhibition a feast.

I went to the Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal exhibition as well because it was just an additional S$4 on the Titanic ticket price as a Singaporean. The Titanic exhibition was S$20; I forgot how much was the Andy Warhol exhibition. If you get tixs for both, it’s only S$24. This price is only applicable for Singaporeans btw.

Do take note that the “Singaporean price” is not available when you buy tickets off the MBS ticketing website. At least I didn’t see if when I went to check while writing this blog post. Also, buying tickets at the ArtScience Museum saves you the S$3 fee vs buying it online.

Anyway, while both the exhibitions were great, the people who visited the exhibition were not. It was quite irritating how there were so many finger/palm prints on the casing of the Titanic artifacts. Also, there were brochures and plastic bits left on top of the casing. Seriously.

Also, there were so many people using their mobile phones to take photos of the exhibits when it was clearly stated that no photography was allowed. There wasn’t anybody from the museum watching out for stuff like that. You’d never get anyway with anything like that in museums in other countries. There’s always someone watching.

Sadly, it’ll still be a while before people will actually learn to respect intellectual property and art.

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