Train Live in Singapore 2012

Train is coming back to Singapore for a proper gig on 17 June 2012!

Ticket price and venue information are not out yet as of now but Marina Bay Sands was mentioned. Just don’t know exactly where.

Train was here last year to perform a gig at the Sony Euphoria party.

[22 May 2012 | Update]

Thanks to “Lucky Charm” who leave a comment that tickets are now on sale via Sistic.

This concert will happen at the Marina Bay Sand Grand Theatre.

Ticket price are as follows:

A Reserve – S$168
B Reserve – S$148
C Reserve – S$128
D Reserve – S$98
VIP Box Seat – S$840(4 seats)
Box Seat – S$512(4 seats)

You can click here for the direct link to the Sistic page to buy tickets.

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    1. yes for real. 🙂 reported on other music blogs and lamc did tweet about 17 june.

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