SPOTTED: Pixie Lott in Singapore 2012

Pixie Lott is as nice and sweet as everyone says she is. She was a lot taller than I expected. For some unknown reason, I’ve always thought that she was about my height.

Pixie Lott in Singapore
Pixie Lott

She also signed on my copy of “Turn It Up Louder”:

Pixie Lott autograph
Pixie Lott autograph

She obliged to photos and autographs for everyone. According to @zachwithak’s twitter update that Pixie Lott did sign autographs and take photos with fans (who are not the winners of the #StyleByPixie contest) at the Knightsbridge Topshop outlet.

So for those of you who keeps asking me about meeting and getting a photo with Pixie Lott, go down to any of Pixie Lott’s appearance and just try your luck. Good luck!

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