Nokia presents Above & Beyond at the Music Matters Pool Party

Apart from shipping a Nokia Lumia 800 to me to play around with, the cool people at Nokia also threw in a pair of invites to the Music Matters Pool Party featuring one-third of the DJ group Above & Beyond, Tony McGuinness.

The pool at Ritz Carlton looked really good with the lights and sounds. During one of the Digital Matters conferences, someone, I think it was Jasper Donat, CEO and co-founder of Music Matters, mentioned that Tony McGuinness insisted on having stadium quality speakers at the pool party. They weren’t kidding. The music was really loud that night but I’m not complaining. He’s so good!

I did give up talking/chatting that night coz of the music I must say. It is practically impossible to hear anyone. I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts. Haha. Also, I remember squeezing my way to the front to get a picture of Tony and when the bass speakers at the front of the stage started and oh my god, the pulses. It was so strong that it quite literally caused the whole pool area to have a constant slight breeze. Just imagine how insane that is.

Also, at the very last minute, the folks at Nokia decided to throw in a meet & greet with Tony Guinness at the end of his set.

How much more cool can it get? Seriously.

Anyway, watch this space, I’ll talk about the Nokia Lumia 800 experience next week when the whole Digital & Music Matters madness is over.

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