Digital Matters 2012 Post Mortem

I managed to get a pass to attend Digital Matters 2012 at the last minute and boy was I glad that I took up the last minute offer. I thoroughly enjoyed myself listening to the insights and perspectives from other industry experts about digital publishing, social media and social gaming.

Oli Pettigrew hosting Day 2 of Digital Matters

Digital Matters 2012 was hosted by Anita Kapoor on day 1 and Oli Pettigrew on day 2. Both of them and almost all of the speakers during those 2 days provided lots of fun quips throughout the various sessions. I want to mention Cindy Gallop especially. I love her swagger when she gave her advertising keynote address. Top notch stuff.

The witty remarks and humour lightened everything up; else the whole event would have been so serious and intense given the amount of information and topics that were shared and discussed.

It was also nice to chat with other similar-minded people despite our different backgrounds and levels of experience **. It’s very interesting for me to note that despite the differences in the nature of what everyone does, there are actually so many common issues and concerns. That was what made attending Digital Matters really cool for me (on top of the very delicious cakes at Ritz Carlton); it gives me a difference perspective of the same thing.

** I reiterate again since it is not obvious to many that I do not work in the music and entertainment industry. This blog is just a side pet project which does come in very handy since I like music so much.

Anyway, what is Digital & Music Matters without music right? So after lunch on day 2 of Digital Matters 2012, Australian singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke performed 2 songs before the afternoon sessions.

Kate Miller-Heidke performing at Digital Matters 2012

She does have a very lovely voice as I was told. There’s something very pure and clean quality about her voice. So mesmerized, I didn’t managed to catch the titles of the 2 songs she performed but I remember the tune to be pretty folksy.

The second song she did about facebook was really funny. Check it out:

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