Born to Beat (BtoB) at Music Matters Live 2012

Rookie group Born to Beat or better known by their acronym, BtoB was definitely a highlight at Korean Night Music Matters Live 2012. It was very apparent that the crowd were mostly there to see BtoB and Drunken Tiger JK + co. later in the night.

There were so many fangirls there with banners that you actually can’t see shit if you were standing at the back. It was actually quite annoying how most of them hold up the banners for the WHOLE duration that BtoB was on stage. While I give them kudos for  being able to have their arms up for the whole 30 mins, it was extremely inconsiderate of them to block the view of people standing behind them.

Anyway, since I don’t know much about them and I’m pretty sure most of you know who they are better than I do so I’m going to skip with the introductions and leave you with the photos I took at the performance. You’re welcomed.

anyone want to tell me who is who using this pic as a reference?

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