Meeting Lady Gaga in 2009

So someone commented on my entry with for Born This Way Ball saying that I don’t have a photo with Lady Gaga. That is technically not true.

I didn’t meet Lady Gaga during her trip here for the Born This Way Ball but then again I didn’t I bother to try very hard as well coz I knew that security would be very tight and there are many secret entrances/exits in the hotels in Singapore.

I did ever have a photo with Lady Gaga from back in 2009 when she first came for some Singtel event at a specially built tent in Clarke Quay. I took 2 photos then actually. Haha. The first one I had blinked so I asked for another. I still remember very clearly what happened that day she arrived in Singapore. Haha.

I remember how she walked out of the baggage claim area with her ridiculously high platformed heels. It was 6 or 7 inches I think. We could see her the moment she passed immigration. She was so outstanding.

I remember how excited we were when we met her and how nice she was. Here’s exactly what I posted on my old blog back on 13 June 2009 at 9 pm:

I’m so super duper high!! We just met Lady Gaga and she’s super sweet and nice!!! We were shaking when we approached her and when we realised that she’s so nice, we were like, “OMG, I can’t believe this, I think I’m gonna cry.” and she was like, “No crying…”


When she first showed up, we could spot her from afar because she’s just so outstanding in terms of her hair and her dressing. She had a very Marilyn Monroe inspired looking hair today. She was also wearing this ridiculously high pair of wedgie and she just sashayed her way to the van. Along the way, people were gawking at her and I’m really so in awe of her confidence and the way she carries herself. I love her!!

Oh yeah, the amount luggage she has in her entourage is CRAZY!!!!

Photo is in the “stalking photos” as usual. BEST DAY EVER!!

You can find it in the blog archive if you want to but I’ll make it easier for you all, here’s the photo I took with Lady Gaga back then:

Here are my autographed stuff from Lady Gaga:

I didn’t mention it back then coz it was too much details I couldn’t say at that point but it should be alright to say it now. 🙂

We were the first people to talk to Lady Gaga after she walked out from the baggage claim area. In fact, we were the only fans there. So after asking Lady Gaga for an autograph and photo, we were standing there and wondering where where the people who were supposed to meet her up.

We did see them about 10 minutes before Lady Gaga walked out but they were nowhere to be seen. After looking around for a while, we spotted them sitting at another exit and we walked Lady Gaga over to them.

I will never forget the expression on their faces when we brought Lady Gaga over to them. The look of shock and panic on their faces as they realised that they nearly lost their artist was priceless. Just so you know, they were sitting at the exit where the belt for her flight was but Lady Gaga walked out from the adjacent exit so they didn’t see her.

I also remember seeing her get all excited and going “OH MY GOD!” at the airport after she found out that Faith No More covered Poker Face or whichever of her song I forgot and then she tweeted about it as she walked towards the van.

The same year, in August, she came down again for The Fame Ball Tour. I did go down to the airport to see her again:

There were a gazillion fans at the airport by then. I did ask her for another autograph but I have already given that extra away. Sorry folks. Also, as I already have a photo with her from her earlier trip, I decided not to ask for a photo to give other fans a chance to ask her for a photo and/or autograph.

So here’s a tip for all of you: get ’em before they hit the super star status if possible. Once they achieve A-list status when they come back, with Jet Quay and the hotel arrangements in Singapore, it is almost impossible to get anywhere near them ever again.

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