Jedward Promo Trip to Singapore 2012

Jedheads! Jedward has announced that they will be flying into Singapore for a whirlwind promotional trip!

It’s whirlwind to the point where Universal Music Singapore hasn’t been able to tie up the confirmation of what exactly Jedward are doing here in Singapore. I assume that they’d be doing media interviews and going on to the radio shows.

I think Universal Music Singapore will be making updates in dribs and drabs again via Twitter and/or Facebook. I’ll consolidate what I can find here. If any of you Jedheads find something that I’ve missed, leave a comment so the other Jedheads can see it.

[15 July 2012 | Update]

Like I’ve always said, I’ll share what I can. Since Jedward themselves have posted it, I presume that I’ll see many of you Jedheads there.

However, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PUSH AND SCREAM YOUR HEAD OFF AT THE AIRPORT. This is how and why organizers/record companies take the artist out quickly/via the VIP exit: overly excited screaming fans. You’ve been warned.

Jedward has been known to stop and sign for EVERYONE. Universal Music Singapore has mentioned that if things get rowdy, they will have to rush Jedward out. So please cooperate okay?

[16 July 2012 | Update]

So Jedward are going on a Food Trail with Boy Thunder of 91.3FM.

//… Lau Pat Sat? Where else sells satay at 3 pm and is famous?

Boon Thong Kee? Chatterbox?

//, this one I really have no clue. Jalan Kayu?

This should be Rochor Bean Curd… I can’t think of a better tau huay than them. The question then is, which branch.

Anyway, rather than speculating, be on your toes and follow Boy Thunder on Twitter (@BoyThunder913) ‪and remember to tag your tweets with this hashtag: #913JEDFoodTrail‬.

Good luck and have fun!

[16 July 2012 | Autograph Session Information]

Venue: Bugis Junction, Bugis Square @ Level 1 (near the fountain)
Date: 19 July 2012
Time: 6.30 pm

You just need to show your copy of Jedward’s new album “Young Love” and you’re in!

[17 July 2012 | Radio Appearance]

17 July 2012: 91.3FM, around 7.30 pm for Sushi. Lol.
18 July 2012: 987Studio, 8 pm.

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