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I flew down to Sydney recently with Scoot and since quite a few people are asking me what it is like, I thought I’d just blog about it so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. I’ll try to include as much details as I can of the experience.


When I arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 2 to check-in, the queue was bloody long. And I actually reached the airport 2 hours and 10 minutes ahead of time! There was already about 5 or 6 layers of people in the queue. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you have been through Changi Airport before.

I was quite surprised by how quickly the queue moved though. I was done in about 30 minutes. Then again, it was a 2.10am flight so maybe the queue was all to the same destination making things easier? I don’t know.

At Sydney, the queue was very much shorter though. The queue moved very quickly as well.


I don’t know if it was the “kiasu-ism” (overly-cautious) of Scoot’s 1 hour boarding time or that Scoot customers are really cooperative or both, everyone actually boarded and were seating quickly with no fuss. There wasn’t even much of a jam as I went to my seat on the plane.

While we were due to depart at 2.10 am, we only actually took off around 2.50 am. I’m not really sure what was the cause of the delay because I fell asleep shortly after I sat down. Haha. I woke up for a bit when I felt the plane accelerating.

On the return flight, all the passengers were actually seated on the plane well before scheduled take off time. Quite awesome. However, there were 4 passengers with checked-in bags who didn’t board the flight so we were delayed for half an hour while the crew removed their bags from the plane. Idiots.


I’m 5′ 2 so the seat and leg room was alright for me. Sitting down, there was still about 5 inches between my knees and the seat in front of me.

Leg room
Leg room

So far so good for the flight.

Then comes the part of the flight which I thought was a bit silly. 2 hours or so (I think, I was sleeping anyway) into they flight, they started serving food. This arrangement works well on the return flight from Sydney to Singapore but eating a full meal at 4 am was nuts!

I actually bought the FlyBagEat option and they didn’t even wake me up to ask if I wanted to eat. I don’t mind not eating at 4 am but they didn’t go through the cabins a second time like they did on my return flight to ask if anyone wanted food. In the end, I had to press the attendant call button to ask for the food. The return flight was great in this aspect.

Also, because of the sequence of them serving food at 4 am or so on the Singapore to Sydney leg of the flight, they left the lights in the cabin on till about 6 or 7 am before they switched off the lights for people to sleep. It was like, that’s the time people wake up and then they turn off the lights. Dots.


Since I bought the FlyBagEat option, I got the full meal which consists of a choice of one hot food/sandwich, Pepsi/bottled water and a fruit snack. You can’t change the fruit snack to something of the same price on the menu and you can only choose between Pepsi or bottled water for the combo meal/pre-booked meal.

On the Singapore to Sydney leg of the journey, I got the Soy Sauce Chicken Rice.

What I got on the Singapore to Sydney trip
What I got on the Singapore to Sydney trip

The food was quite tasty actually but the sauce for the Soy Chicken was too salty for my taste buds. The fruit snack was also too sweet for me.

Tip: Always get the bottled water. You can always refill the bottle from the refilling points on the plane during the flight.

On the Sydney to Singapore leg of the journey, I got the Lasagne. It was tasty but also too salty for my taste buds.

Lasagne on Scoot
Lasagne on Scoot

Tip: Don’t bother to tear open the plastic cover for the hot food, it rips and doesn’t open anything. Just use the knife to cut open the plastic covering.

Tip: Buy the flight with the FlyBag option. The food you can just buy on board if you want. They accept cash in Singapore dollars and credit cards. Have small change available as they do not have that much change on board.

Overall, I’m happy with my experience with Scoot. Will definitely fly with them again. This is also as much details that I can squeeze into a coherent entry. If you want to find out anything more, feel free to post it in the comments and I’ll respond about my experience if i can.

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  1. Hi thanks for the review!! It was great!! 2 questions, did you pay extra for your seats? Did you take the standard seat, super seat or the stretch seat? Thank you for your time^_^

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