Charli XCX Live in Singapore 2015 Post Mortem

Charli XCX live in Singapore 2015
Charli XCX live in Singapore 2015

I got a ticket to the Charli XCX show at the last minute and I thought why not?

I must admit that I never thought Charli XCX was good live because from all the broadcast events/award shows where I have seen of her performing, she sounded really terrible.

However, now that I’ve seen her live, I realised that she actually sounds pretty alright. Therefore I conclude that the TV broadcast/sound sucked… somewhat.

Also, I was very surprised by how much fun I had during the concert even though I’m not very familiar with her discography and only knew the singles.

So the moral of the story is, Charli XCX is much better live and in person than what you see/hear on live TV.

The show started at around 8.33 pm and ended at 9.24 pm; just shy of an hour. (Oh yeah, with the digital clock on the phone, I can be precise like that.)

Here is her setlist for the night:

  1. Sucker
  2. Breaking Up
  3. I Love It (Icona Pop cover)
  4. Famous
  5. SuperLove
  6. Doing It
  7. Need Ur Luv
  8. You (Ha Ha Ha)
  9. So Over You
  10. Body of My Own
  11. Allergic to Love (Snuffed by the Yakuza cover)
  12. London Queen
  13. Break the Rules
  14. Grins
  15. Boom Clap

And here’s a little snippet from her concert earlier today:

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Finally, here are some photos which turned out well from the concert. Enjoy!

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