Grasshopper vs Softhard Concert Live in Hong Kong 2012

Evergreen cantopop group Grasshoppers (草蜢) are performing for 11 nights (!!!!) in the Hong Kong Coliseum, ie 24 October 2012 – 4 November 2012.

11 nights!!! I can only dream that some day, we will get 11 nights of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Super Junior or <insert your favourite artist> in Singapore.

Anyway, tickets are priced at HKD 580.00, 380.00 and 200.00. I found the link to buy tickets for this concert at URBTIX and you can click here to access the page directly.

Now, can anyone tell me if there are any fees to the ticket and how much is the fee? Also, it seems like I have to be a member before I can buy tickets online? Do I really have to do that? I’m supposed to save my credit card number in my profile and I find it a little odd (despite the legitimacy of the website).

Help anyone? Thanks a lot in advance!

[Update | 22 August 2012]

I’ve bought my tickets to this show!! Whee!!! Hong Kong here I come! 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to add that there is a HKD 6.50 charge per ticket and that you actually have to register for a profile before you can buy tickets. Also, in the profile, you need to save a credit card number in there. While I’m not too happy about it, I don’t really have a choice because otherwise I cannot buy tickets to this show. LAME!

10 thoughts on “Grasshopper vs Softhard Concert Live in Hong Kong 2012

  1. Yes. Made up my mind after reading your review!

    Check with you ah, if I get the tix over there, can I skip the $6.50 admin charge?

    1. nope. cannot skip it unfortunately. it is already quite cheap compared to the admin charges in australia (aud 7+) and london (5 pounds or so).

      1. Thanks for replying! When you flying over? My fren and I just settled accommodation (we staying at Causeway Bay) and now mulling whether to get the tix in Singapore or Hong Kong. Is the registration process for a profile very troublesome?

      2. the registration process is easy. i just wasn’t totally comfortable about them keeping my credit card number. i’m flying over this saturday but i will go to macau first. 🙂

      3. I see. We flying over on 24th, going over to Macau on 26th. So it’s either watching on 25th or 29th.

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