Kyle Patrick Singapore Arrival Information

So Kyle Patrick just tweeted that he will arrive in Singapore at 11 am on 13 August 2012.

He wants to say “hi” to whoever who who shows up!

However, he didn’t give any specifics like flight number or terminal. 🙁

Given that he tweeted that, I’ll try to work out where exactly and update this page again. No guarantees though.

[12 August 2012 | Update]

So I’ve looked at the various flights. The only flight that lands at 11 am on 13 August is PR503 from Manila at Terminal 2.

This flight is kinda odd since Kyle’s last known location was in Los Angeles.

I’d keep an eye on SQ1 from San Franciso via Hong Kong at 11.40 am as well.

I’ll stress once again that these are educated guesses. I am a fan like you guys (mostly), I DO NOT know the flight specifics myself.

Anyway, if anyone decides to try and spot him, give me a tweet (@jovenatheart)/comment/email (* and share your story with the rest of us!

* If you are emailing your story and pictures, you agree to allow me to post your story and photo up on the blog. Please include your name and how you want to be credited for your story. I will edit your content for length and language so don’t worry about spelling/language/etc.

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