Meet & Greet Session with Spector

So after the Spector show, there was a meet & greet session with the band. I’m sure that all of you who went for the meet & greet session with the band enjoyed yourselves a lot. The session was pretty cool isn’t it?

Remember to thank the awesome people at Universal Music Singapore a lot and always cooperate with them if you want more of such meet & greet sessions!

Anyway, the first guy I approached was Chris. I like Chris. I am very drawn to his hair. Haha. I am a sucker for guys with long hair. In fact, I am so into his hair that I actually went to touch his hair for a bit. As a result, this is what Chris decided to write when he signed an autograph for me:

As Chris was signing, Fred walked over and sat down beside Chris. Fred then saw Chris writing something for me and he decided that he had to beat that and started writing an essay:

Fred actually was so into the whole writing thing that he even wanted to flip the cue card around to continue writing. LOL.

So the other 3 guys saw Fred’s essay and they decided to write one too. OMG. Do you know how long they took with signing the autographs for me? LOL. The Universal folks were hurrying us along (we were the last group and everyone wanted to go home) and I had to explain that the Spector guys have decided have a contest among themselves and they were writing an essay and it is not because I don’t want to move along.

So here’s what Danny wrote:

This is from Jed. I think his handwriting is the best amongst the 5 of them despite him writing about his horrible handwriting:

Even though it is not a contest, I think we have a winner. LOL. I’m not sure what Thomas was thinking when he wrote this but it was just completely off (in the WTF sense) and hence amazing. LOL.

Here are some of the group photos we took with the Spector guys. 🙂 I hope the official Universal Music Singapore folks got better quality pictures than those taken with our phones. [Actually there are a few more and I’m waiting for them to be sent over… Thomas has some strange poses… LOL.]

L-R: Fred, Daniel, a friend, Chris, Joyce, Manfred, Danny, Thomas, Jed
L-R: Fred, Daniel, a friend, Chris, Joyce, Manfred, Danny, Thomas, Jed

And after we left the meet & greet that we realised that Danny was THAT engrossed with writing that “essay” for me. LOL!!! (Then again, he NEVER looks into the camera.)

[8 October 2012 | update]

Got the meet & greet photos from Universal Music Singapore. Seeing the photos makes me laugh. Haha.

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