Lana Del Rey in Singapore 2012 for Mulberry Opening

Okay people, if you don’t know songbird Lana Del Rey will be in Singapore next week (23 + 24 October 2012) for the Mulberry flagship store opening at the Mandarin Gallery.

It is a private event but I’m pretty sure that you can catch a glimpse of Lana Del Rey at the store. As far as I know for now, Lana will be here purely for fashion and there is no meet & greet/showcase (via Universal Music Singapore) arranged.

Also, for anyone who is hoping for a photo and/or autograph from Lana, all I can say is, if you can get close enough, she will definitely sign and take a photo. She is totally sweet and lovely.

I also do not know how to get invites to this event. It is very likely a case of you need to know someone who is a someone.

This is pretty much about all that I know and will update for Lana Del Rey in Singapore because I’m going to be out of town then.

Good luck to everyone who wants to see her/try to stalk her!

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