Richard Marx in Singapore 2012

Stalking Richard Marx is the most awkward stalk ever. LOL.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing awkward about Richard Marx. He is a nice guy but  for some reason, we were so uncoordinated and hence the whole stalk was so awkward (and hence kinda embarrassing).

I must admit that I only know one song of Richard Marx, “Right Here Waiting” and given Richard Marx’s age, he wouldn’t be from an era where I usually listen to. So that already made us feel a little weird to stalk him but hey, we’ve never stalk him before so we just had to try.

So when I saw him, I actually was very surprised by his height. Haha. He actually isn’t very tall. In fact, he wasn’t very much taller than me. When we asked him for an autograph, he said, “sure!” and I got another surprise. His speaking voice is of a much higher pitch than his singing voice!

I must add that he looks exactly like what you see on his album covers so you know he hasn’t really been photoshopped much. 🙂

So what made the stalk so awkward as how we usually would ask for a photo just as they are about to be done signing.

However, today, we were looking at each other and expecting each other to ask the question first. In that time, Richard Marx walked away and as I was about to stop him again, he dropped the marker’s cover and everyone started swooping over to pick it up.

Also, coz we’re the only people who stopped him for an autograph, the whole lobby was looking at us (there was a wedding and event reception going on) and the Universal Music folks were also staring (not in a harsh way). We were so self-conscious at that point. And then Richard Marx had to drop the marker’s cover and attract even more attention…

Needless to say, after getting the autograph and missing the opportunity to ask for a photo, we made a beeline to the exit. LOL… We’ll just ask for the photo the next time he comes back. Haha.

So here is what Richard Marx’s autograph look like:

[15 October 2012 | update]

Oh god. LOL. This happened:

ps: in case you didn’t know, I went to stalk with @ManfredKueh. I told him not to mention @RichardMarx and look at what happened… lol.

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