Autograph Giveaway: 15 October 2012 (Franz Ferdinand)

This week, I have TWO sets of Franz Ferdinand autographs to giveaway.

Both of them are the full band but Alex’s autograph on the left one is squashed. (He just doodled really.)

If you want the autograph, just comment below and tell me left or right. Like last week, first comment for each (ie, left one or right one) will get it. You can post multiple times but the first comment (based on timestamp) saying “left” or “right” will get it.

This is open to everyone worldwide. You don’t have to post any of your contact details with your answer. If you sign in with your email/twitter/facebook, I will be able to see the information and I’ll contact you to let you know how to send me your address information. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Autograph Giveaway: 15 October 2012 (Franz Ferdinand)

  1. Hi Joyce!YES!I would love to have Franz Ferdinand`s!Hope I`m not too late,thanks much!If I could have it, may I have the one on the left please?THANK YOU!:)

    1. you are the first respondent really. πŸ™‚ i didn’t even tell anyone that i posted this. haha. sure you can have the left one. DM me your address… else I’ll only be able to send it when i get back the week after.

      1. Wow,awesome!Thanks!:) Was looking through you posts/updates actually…and somehow spotted the ‘Autograph Giveaway’ coloumn,haha!Lucky me!:) Sure,will DM you my address soon via email like the last time…but after reading what you said (about Alex`s squashed signature,didn`t really pay attention at first!)can I have the one on the RIGHT instead?But if someone else have reserve it,its okay,I`m still happy with the one on the LEFT!:) No hurry on sending it to me,you can do it after your trip or when free….THANKS!:):):)

      2. sure. ok. πŸ™‚ like i said you are the first. people who want the autograph are supposed to comment here anyway. so it’s transparent to all.

  2. Hi Joyce! If it hasn’t already be claimed, i’d love to have the one on the left then! Been following your blog for a while… I check in every so often to get the lowdown on upcoming gigs and the goings-on in Singapore. It’s great! Cheers! Nash…

    1. Thanks for checking back so often. πŸ™‚ Yes the other autograph is still available! I’ll email you soon about this. πŸ™‚

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