Changsub BtoB in Seoul 2012

I was in Seoul last week and needless to say, being in Kpop Central means I definitely have to try to stalk somebody right?

So, with help from friends, I managed to meet and get an autograph from Changsub of BtoB/B2B/Born to Beat… whichever way is your favourite way of referring to them.

I must say that it was a pretty awkward situation. My Korean is crap and when I panic, I tend to forget how to even say “안녕하세요” (hello). T.T

I had been rehearsing in my head to say “싸인 주세요” (Can you sign for me?/Can I have your autograph?) but when he appeared I panicked and all I did was stand there and have my friend help call out to him and ask him to sign for me. Hahaha. So epic fail.

It was quite funny/fail (depending on your perspective) because every thing happened mostly using non-verbal communication. After he wrote, “To:”, Changsub looked up, I said my name and spelled it out for him. After he finished signing, I managed to say “Thank You… 감사합니다” before he smiled and left. I really need to study harder and practise speaking more in Korean if I ever want to try stalk my SJ boys/whoever else in Kpop.

Anyway, here is his autograph:

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