Hyunsik BtoB in Seoul 2012

After meeting Changsub, we heard from the other fans that Hyunsik was there as well so we decided to continue waiting. Even though we were in a sheltered place, waiting in the cold while it is raining rain outside is really not for the faint-hearted. It was quite comparable to standing in Leicester Square in winter for 3 hours or so waiting for the Burlesque gala premiere … Continue reading Hyunsik BtoB in Seoul 2012

Changsub BtoB in Seoul 2012

I was in Seoul last week and needless to say, being in Kpop Central means I definitely have to try to stalk somebody right? So, with help from friends, I managed to meet and get an autograph from Changsub of BtoB/B2B/Born to Beat… whichever way is your favourite way of referring to them. I must say that it was a pretty awkward situation. My Korean … Continue reading Changsub BtoB in Seoul 2012