Leona Lewis arrival in Singapore 2012

Welcome to Singapore Leona Lewis!!

FINALLY!! After going to Kuala Lumpur twice (if I remember right) in the last few years, Leona Lewis has finally arrived in Singapore!!

Leona Lewis is really sweet and nice though she wasn’t as tall as I expected. Then again I always see her on TV shows with heels and she was in trainers (dark pink adidas or nike I think) when she arrived.

I managed to get an autograph and a photo with Leona despite the other fans. There was about 10 fans (including me) at the arrival.

I think some fans didn’t get a photo with Leona because some of the other fans didn’t move away fast enough after they got a photo and/or autograph from Leona.

Still, it was calm enough that Leona’s folks didn’t drag her away.

Here are the rest of the photos I took at the arrival:

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      1. Thanks, much appreciated! Luck you, you’ve met her. πŸ™‚ Is is true that she sang Sugar?

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