Ronan Keating arrival in Singapore 2012

Ronan Keating has just landed in Singapore!! I’m not sure if he is already en route to the hotel as I type this.

It turned out that the people who were supposed to pick him up were waiting for him at the wrong terminal!! Hahaha. Fail. (Well I overheard his conversation on the phone.)

After he was done with the call, Ronan signed autographs and took pictures with 4 fans (I am one of them).

He is so sweet and nice!! He actually apologized to us because he knew we were waiting for him to finish the call before asking him for anything.

Also, after everything and as we were about to leave, I noticed that Ronan and his girlfriend were walking into a taxi queue. Weird. Lol.

In the end, I went after them and told then that they were going the wrong way. They were like, “oh we’re just waiting for the car to come over from the other building.” Still, they couldn’t wait there. Haha.

I just pointed to them where the waiting area was and both of them thanked us really appreciatively as we waved goodbye to them.

4 thoughts on “Ronan Keating arrival in Singapore 2012

    1. actually i don’t know. i found out from twitter. i’m not sure how long he is staying as well…

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