Kyle Patrick at the Celebrate 2013 Press Conference

Kyle Patrick was looking dapper and still totally cute at the press conference for the “Celebrate 2013” New Year’s Eve countdown party earlier today.

Kyle Patrick

Kyle Patrick was supposed to be fielding questions from the media people on the floor but I think everyone was secretly quite relieved that Roz (from 987FM) started having a conversation with him. Hahaha. To be honest, I think everybody was there to see either SKarf or M.I.B. Even I was there to see SKarf… and it’s not like I have never spoken to Kyle Patrick before.

I was trying to record the Kyle Patrick bit of the press conference like what I did with SKarf and M.I.B. but my SD card ran out of space. I only got like the first 2 minutes of his session.

Basically, Kyle Patrick and Roz were chatting about what he’s been up to for the last 5 months of so in Asia. Yes guys, he never left after MTV Sessions. He was mostly hiding somewhere in Singapore.

Kyle was also talking about his trips to Malaysia, Indonesia and Manila and the crazy fan reactions there. 🙂 He talked about how the music resonates well with the people here and that’s why he decided to stay for so long. In fact, he just loves it here in Asia (Singapore the most of course) so much he has decided to call himself an “honorary Asian”.

Anyway, that’s what I mostly remembered from the press conference and here are the photos. I didn’t take that many coz I have too many photos of him! LOL… and I was really glad that he remembered to smile showing his dimples. Hahaha…

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