M.I.B. at the Celebrate 2013 Press Conference

The last time I saw M.I.B. was at Music Matters earlier this year. They look so different and I quite literally didn’t get no deja vu when they walked into the press room.


Anyway, now that they sat there not moving as they spoke, I finally got a good view of them. It sure helps that they have a name put in front of them. Haha. Kangnam is quite cute isn’t he? Hehehe. I am such a sucker for guys with hair like his…

Also, I did managed to record most of their time at the press conference. My camera stopped recording after the first 30 seconds and I missed the first bit of the interview where they had to explain the origins of their cool names. Still, here it is since I figured you guys might be interested the rest of the interview:

Finally, here are my photos which turned out ok from the press conference:

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