Sheila Majid at the Celebrate 2013 Press Conference

Sheila Majid is no doubt a legend since she remains the first and only Malaysian to successfully break into Japan. On top of that, she is a mother of 4 and the owner of 4 businesses. Having been in the music business for 27 years, I think “legend” is befitting.

Also, check out how great she looks at 47!! She is 47 dammit!!

Sheila Majid

My SD card ran out of memory space so I couldn’t record her whole interview during the press conference. Sheila Majid was really sincere and passionate about what she does. I really admire her conviction. She goes on to say that to survive 27 years in the music business, you need to really like what you are doing and do it sincerely.

Sheila Majid also talked about her awesome fans. She shared a story of how some fans once did a convoy to escort her from Malaysia to Singapore!! So cool right?

Anyway, given how she has her music career, kids and businesses to take care of, she is often busy to the point that she forgets what she has done/has to do. She hopes to TRY to relax more in 2013 but given her workaholic nature and her love for what she is doing, she doesn’t think it will happen. Hahaha. Who manages to keep their new year’s resolution anyway right? 🙂

Here are the rest of the photos which turned out ok during the press conference:

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