My Best and Worst of 2012

Now that 2012 is officially over, I can put of a list of best and worst of 2012. Given my affinity for drama, I didn’t want to put out my list earlier since something might happen on new year’s even itself. 🙂

That said, here goes:

BEST SONG OF 2012: Gangnam Style (강남 스타일) by Psy (싸이, YG Entertainment)

Sure you might be sick of the song by now but you cannot deny the power and mass dance impact created by just one song. And what makes it the best song, in my opinion, is that it is a Korean song. Not because I’ve been sucked into the Hallyu Wave but it is a language that not many people understand and yet everyone (well mostly) went mad over it all over the world.

It’s always been said that music, like love, transcends language and racial barriers and “Gangnam Style” did exactly that. Furthermore, it opened the minds of many people who would otherwise never even give a chance to Asians and their music.

So even if you hate the song, you need to give it credit for what is achieved.

BEST CONCERT OF 2012: Super Junior’s Super Show 4 (Running Into The Sun) + Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball (Live Nation Asia)

I had a really hard time deciding on this and I’m not just being biased.

I love Super Show 4 a lot because of the production and entertainment value (and not just because I love my Super Junior boys to bits). It is extremely value for money given how the concert was almost 4 hours and the most expensive ticket was $228.00 + $3.00. (That was how much I paid btw.

Super Show 4 looked and sounded amazing. I swear that I was so completely blown away by the stage itself. It had moving and revolving parts, pyrotechnics and water effects. [I’m a bit sore about this because the Aphrodite Les Folies tour had fountains and moving parts but yet Singapore only got the Aphrodite Live tour… sans all the water show. I watched both so I know the difference it made to the whole show.]

So, Singapore Indoor Stadium is not too small to create an amazing stage. Super Show 4 is proof that it can be done WITHOUT the ticket being exorbitantly priced. It is just a matter of scaling the stage accordingly and if the artist/tour management and the organisers are willing to do it or not.

I’d say that Super Show 4 has the BEST stage production ever amongst all the concerts that I’ve ever been to in Singapore. No doubt a Super Show. Totally worthy name.

Born This Way Ball was great because of the castle itself and how it a creation from the Haus of Gaga. It is a genius stage! I love how it looks like a simple and plain 4 storey high castle but it has so many secrets and tricks within its walls. Nothing less to expect from Lady Gaga and the Haus of Gaga.

I need to give the Garbage, James Morrison and Maksim Mrvica concert a special mention itself simply because the performers themselves are amazing! Totally worth watching for their great music, showmanship and skills (Maksim).

WORST CONCERT OF 2012: Jennifer Lopez’s Dance Again World Tour (Mediacorp Vizpro International)

Don’t even get me started again.


Such a complete sweetheart.


F1 driver from Sauber; now teamless.

It really pays to be nice to stalkerazzi really. Look at Fun.; after meeting them in July 2012, they’re now with 6 Grammys nomination. Christina Aguilera is doing great on The Voice after signing an autograph for us after her commercial flop of an album “Bionic”. There are many other coincidences as well so yeah, think whatever you want. 🙂 We’re going with “they’re doing well now because they were nice to us”. Hahaha.



  • Buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. From May 2012 till now, I have visited the service centre 3 times and sent the device in for servicing 2 times. The device is currently in the service centre undergoing repairs as I type this. Utter crap despite the awesome screen.

2012 has been a great year I couldn’t really as for more without being greedy. I’m really grateful and appreciative of the opportunities given in 2012 and the new people I’ve met and befriended as well.

That said, here’s to a great year ahead in 2013 to all! 🙂

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