Super Junior M’s Bonrich Promotional Message and Interview

Okay, if you are following me on twitter and have been following my blog for a while now, you will know that I love Super Junior and their sub-units to bits. And when coupled with being bored, here’s the result:

Hehehe. I’m quite proud of myself for this. I translated the subtitles while someone else did the timing and encoding.

I have always considered my Mandarin/Chinese to suck big time but after doing this fan sub of the video, I actually am feeling a bit more confident of my Mandarin/Chinese now. 😀

This isn’t the only video I participated to translate/transcribe though… it is the most recent one as of today so the link was easier to find. Hahaha. I’ve done one or two more on top of this video.

And just so you know, I do this for the love of my boys and to return a favour to the fandom who provides me Korean to English subs for all the SJ related interviews, radio and tv shows. I do have a gazillion other things to do but I make time.

Anyway, I anticipate the day that I achieve this: translate stuff from Korean to English/Mandarin and vice versa.

I will strive!

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