Hyun Bin Live in Singapore 2013!

Fans of Korean drama “Secret Garden” rejoice!!

hyun bin fan meet poster

Hyun Bin, or Kim Joo Won if you know the name of the character better, is coming to Singapore for the first ever fan meet in Singapore on 27 April 2013!

Venue and ticket details are not released yet at the point of writing.

Is anyone going to wear that track suit to the fan meet? Hahaha.

[19 February 2013 | Update]

The fan meet is happening at Max Pavilion.

[21 February 2013 | Update]

Ticketing details are out!!

Tickets are priced at $248 (Premium), $198 (CAT 1), $168 (CAT 2) and $88 (CAT 3). There is a $3 Sistic fee for the CAT 1 – 3 tickets. Premium tickets are sold separately and has a fee of $2. All prices are in Singapore dollars.

Do take note that Premium Tickets will be sold on 3 March 2013, from 2 pm at Outside Bugis+ Shopping Mall. And only Premium Tickets are available for sale. Only CASH is accepted so come prepared. Each person is only allowed to purchase a maximum of 6 tickets. Finally, the booth will be open while tickets stocks lasts.

Premium Tickets are specially designed and are printed with a picture of Hyun Bin and they will not be re-issued if the ticket is damaged or lost. So please take care of the precious ticket like it was really Hyun Bin in person.

Hyun Bin Singapore Fanmeet Premium Tickets Sales

Finally, the queue for the tickets will open at 10.00 am on 3 March 2013 itself so please don’t do stupid things like queueing overnight.

CAT 1 – 3 tickets will be available via Sistic from 12 March 2013, 10 am onwards. If there are any unsold Premium Tickets left from 3 March 2013, they will be available for sale via Sistic.

Finally, here is the seating plan for the fan meet:

Hyun Bin Singapore Fanmeet 2013 Seating Plan

[15 March 2013 | update]

Finally got the time to update this again. You can click here to buy tickets to the fan meet from Sistic.

They had premium tickets left over from the sale event and you can buy it directly from Faith & D Entertainment by clicking here.

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