Namie Amuro Live in Singapore 2013 — CANCELLED

One of Jpop’s Queen, Namie Amuro, is bringing her Asia Tour 2013 to the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 26 April 2013.

Other stops in her Asia Tour 2013 includes Tapei (23 February 2013) and Hong Kong (16 March 2013).

[18 February 2013 | Update]

The tickets for the Singapore concert date are priced at $288, $248 and $218. There will be some Restricted View tickets (normally released only when the Standard tickets are sold out) priced at$168 and $128. Prices are in Singapore dollars and does not include the $3 Sistic fee.

You can find the Sistic page to buy the Namie Amuro concert tickets here.

[13 April 2013 | IMPORTANT Update]

It seems like there’s a lot of confusion over this concert in Singapore. Honestly, I’m not sure what is going on as well… as to whether it is cancelled or not.

Midas Promotions posted this on their Facebook page: “Midas Promotions have not cancelled the Namie Amuro concert. The decision to cancel was made and posted by Namie Amuro’s management. We have not been informed of their decision and hope it can resolved and the concert can take place.

All I will say is, shit happens and it is best to be patient and pray that things work out. It is not to anyone’s advantage to for you to go and ring up/post messages to Midas Promotions coz you’re only going to take up their time to try to resolve the situation to make the concert still happen.

Please be patient and if you really want/need to vent, do it AFTER confirmation that the concert is truly cancelled.

[18 April 2013 | Update]

It’s official now: the concert is cancelled by the Japanese management.

From Midas Promotions’ Facebook post:
Midas Promotions reluctantly announces, that after receiving a legal letter from the Japanese organisers at 5:30pm this evening that there is ” No Possibility to Hold the Show.”

Despite Midas’s ongoing endeavors to bring Namie Amuro to play to her fans next Friday, we have been specifically instructed by her legal team to announce that the concert on 26 April is cancelled. Further details will be posted later.

Midas has never cancelled a concert of their own accord and as such are equally disappointed as her fans to be given this instruction for no logical reason. With Midas Promotions, fans always come first.

Please be patient and give Midas Promotions a few days to sort out the refunds.

It is really unfortunate that shit hit the roof and everyone walks away as losers like this… Especially the fans.


I don’t usually do this but since I was checking out (and comparing) the ticket prices for this Namie Amuro concert in Hong Kong, here you go:

The tickets for the Hong Kong concert at the Asia World Arena are priced at $1680, $1480, $1280, $980 and $680. It is very interesting to see that they actually specify that the wheelchair space is a $1480 ticket. The wheelchair minder’s seat is also a $1480 ticket.

These tickets in Hong Kong are in Hong Kong Dollars and does not include the administrative fee.

You can find the link to buy tickets to the Namie Amuro concert tickets in Hong Kong here.

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  1. For $288 you would think that would come with a meet and greet. Geez!!! Everything really is 2-3 more in Singapore!

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