Fan Made Remixes and Mash Ups

I don’t usually do this and I don’t usually like remixes even but I came across some fan made mash up/remixes and I thought it was  pretty well done and the result didn’t sound that bad as well.

I’ve always been a huge appreciator of fan made stuff. To be honest, some of the fan made stuff are so much better than official releases.

NOTE: While I did check, I am not 100% sure that the videos I posted here are fan made since I don’t know all the artists and DJs in the world.

Here’s the first one: Tik Tok Mambo (a mash up/remix of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok and Block B’s Nilili Mambo).

Here’s another: Catch Me If When I Break Down (a mash up/remix of TXVQ’s Catch Me and Super Junior M’s Break Down).

Here’s a mash up of 2NE1’s I’m The Best and Super Junior’s Mr Simple. They are amongst the 2 of my most favourite Kpop songs ever.

Yet another great fan made mash up: Mr Doradora. A mix of Super Junior’s Mr Simple and U-Kiss’s Doradora.

Here is a mash up of EXO-K’s Mama and B.A.P.’s Power. It is pretty good although there are definitely some parts where the key changes and it goes a bit off. Overall, it’s good work.

This has got to be my favourite mash up, GD&TOP + Far East Movement, High Like a G6:

This is the ultimate girl power mash up anthem: Girls Run The World Best. I never really like Beyoncé’s “Run The World” until now:

What did you think of those mash ups/remixes? Got any other awesome fan made mash ups you know of? I’d like to hear it. Leave a link to the track in the comments.

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