SPOTTED: Ellie Goulding in Singapore 2013

Honestly, I was a pretty worried about trying to meet Ellie Goulding. From all the fan accounts that I read about her in the UK and USA, she wasn’t very nice and hardly ever signs any autographs.

However, when I finally met Ellie Goulding in person, she was totally sweet. It seems like all my fears about her being cold and not wanting to sign were unfounded.

In fact, after signing an autograph and taking a picture with her, she initiated a hug and thanked us for coming. She was totally sweet and cute!! Which then made me wonder what happened in the UK and USA for her to be so unfriendly to the fans there. Totally odd.

Ellie Goulding (I blinked... urgh) Ellie Goulding autograph

I asked Ellie if she was feeling cold because she was still wearing a beanie coz it’s at least a good 26 or 27 deg C at that time. Ellie was like, “Oh I’m still wearing a beanie not because I’m cold… but I’m of having a bit of a bad hair day. I’ll stop wearing the beanie after I wash my hair.” Hahaha. That was totally funny because I didn’t expect her to explain so much. I just wanted to tell her that Singapore is too hot for a beanie.

Anyway, it was cool overall. I hope she remains like this for the other fans who meet her for the rest of her stay here. Be nice and no screaming or running if you see her around town ok?

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  1. How lucky! Was this at the Esplanade or were you just erally fortunte to find her? Would’ve gone to her concert or taken a chance to find her around the Island (LOL) if not for the hectic-ness of school!

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