Ghost Child Gala Premiere

Ghost Child Singapore Gala Premiere

I scored an invite to the gala premiere of Ghost Child, a Gilbert Chan film, which happened on 5 March 2013 at Golden Village Vivocity.

Ghost Child Singapore Gala Premiere

I watched Gilbert’s other ghost/horror movie, 23:59 so I know that Ghost Child is of the horror genre. I mean the name of the movie itself is also quite self-explanatory.

Ok, I must say that I used to love watching horror and I am very fascinated by the non-human aspects of things; ie vampires, ghosts, witch, magic, etc. I realised that I can’t do horror movies any more especially after my ghostly encounter back in December 2010. It literally changed a lot of things for me.

Ghost Child Singapore Gala Premiere

Anyway, the lead actors/actresses arrived at the venue soon after with the director. They did a mini-interview but I didn’t pay attention coz I was focusing on taking photos and I was also tired from the work day.

That said, if you guys are interested in what was said during the short interview segment, I’m sure you’ll find a fancam somewhere on YouTube. Anyway, here are my photos which turned out well (considering it was taken using my iPhone). Enjoy!

Ghost Child opens in Singapore on 7 March 2013 and 4 April 2013 in Malaysia. Go support local talent!

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