Ghost Child Review

As I’ve explained in my earlier blog entry, I can’t really do horror movies anymore. Still, I totally didn’t expect to be so freaked out by the movie. I have this inkling that when I chatted with Lawrence Koh (he is the dude who sang the song at the campfire scene) and shared with him my ghostly experience, somehow or other, Gilbert (the director) got … Continue reading Ghost Child Review

23:59 (The Movie) Review

23:59 (the movie) is a is a horror thriller set in 1983 on an island used for military training. All the Singaporean guys and 2nd generation PR guys can definitely related to this movie. 🙂 The plot centers on 5 recruits and the haunting that happened during the final part of their military training. As with all campsites/military training camps, ghost stories are passed down from generation … Continue reading 23:59 (The Movie) Review