Photos from the A-Prince Meeting in Seoul 2013

So I met the A-Prince guys when I was in Seoul and finally, I can share the rest of the photos which I took during the interview session. Enjoy!

Other snippets during the interview:

  • If you are going to the fan meet, know that Seungjun speaks pretty good English but still, keep it simple. πŸ™‚
  • Typically like all boys, when food arrived, they cleaned the plates in no time. They offered us to take a bite as well. So polite.
  • We had to head outside into the cold to do the video shout out because of the noise level inside the cafΓ©. Everyone was shivering but the A-Prince boys still put on a brave face and apologized for the cold. Not that it’s their fault that it was cold but still… so sweet of them right?
  • I had Siyoon speak in English during the interview for the fun of it because I like hearing their Korean accented English. Hehehe. (For me, Siyoon totally wins as the cutest member.)

Can’t wait to see them again at the fan meet. Hehehehe.

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