Seoul Adventure: A Lost Mobile Phone and SHINee’s Minho

I don’t usually blog about celebrity encounters if I don’t have photos of or with them. (I just tweet about it.) However, this encounter is an exception because of the circumstance. It was really quite epic. LOL.

I was with my friends in Apgujeong and as we were walking down the street, I saw a mobile phone (a Samsung Note 2/S-series, I forgot) lying face down on the floor. Naturally, I picked it up and looked around but there wasn’t anyone who seemed to come back for it.

So I pressed a button to activate the screen to see if there’s someway to try to return the phone. I know how it feels to lose a phone so I would return a phone if I can. What shocked me was that THE LINE WAS CONNECTED AND THERE WAS A WOMAN ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE!!! I think it was connected for at least a minute or more when I pressed the button on the phone. WHO LOSES A PHONE IN THE MIDDLE OF A TELEPHONE CALL?!!?!?! Unless it was a butt/pocket call as the phone dropped or something. But still… it was so strange.

I tried to explain to the woman (I assume it was the phone owner’s girl friend coz the name said something like “darling”) that I found the phone on the floor but my command of Korean was so lacking that I couldn’t get anything across. She was saying something back to me but I didn’t understand her as well.

I tried to stop a couple of passer-bys if they spoke any English to try help translate and explain to the girl on the line that I found the phone and would like to set up something to return the phone but no avail. 🙁

Fortunately, while I was flailing about wondering what to do with the phone and the phone call, some dude who could speak English stopped and asked if we needed help. So I passed the phone to him and explained to him what was going on.

Just as I was done explaining what is going on to the nice dude, SHINee’s Minho drove up and stopped his car in front of me. He got out of the car of coz, that’s how I knew it was him.

My mind went blank. I was torn between running after Minho and finishing up my good samaritan deed for the day with the phone. Fortunately, it was a really easy decision because Minho decided to run into the shop after parking his car.

In the end, the nice dude arranged something with the girl to return the phone and we laughed about the bizarre situation that just happened before we went on our separate ways.

We then decided to hang around for a bit to wait for Minho to come out just for kicks. While waiting, I was looking at Minho’s car. It was one of the latest model of KIA cars, the K7.

SHINee Minho's car

I must say that his car is SO dirty!! (I only looked at his car from a distance. I didn’t bother to peer into the window or anything of that sort) LOL… it was so dusty and almost like he has never washed his car ever. ** Also, I have no intentions of releasing the license plate number of his car so you don’t have to ask. You also don’t have to believe me so don’t bother to slam me for this as well. I’m not going to respond to anything of that nature.

Within the hour, Minho left the shop. His reaction was everything that I’ve heard from other fans. Minho is not nice or friendly at all. Also, he doesn’t even acknowledge the presence of fans and he hides behind other people and have other people shoo fans away. He’d just stay silent the entire time with no expression.

As a regular autograph collection and celebrity stalker, I just had to try my luck with getting an autograph from Minho, I mean since I’m already there right? I know photos are usually off limits coz they don’t have make up on etc, etc but Minho looks very much the same without make up.

However, as I called him, the other dude with him barked at me to stay away. There was another fan who wanted to give him something but she didn’t even get the chance to do or say anything at all.

That said, there were only 5 girls (me included) present at the scene. No one was screaming or rushing forward. In fact, we were strolling towards Minho and I just called out his name as I walked over (I was like a good 2 or so metres away when I called him).

I’m not sure what kind previous horrible experience SHINee has with fans but it is incredibly disappointing if you are a fan of SHINee and you get this kind of attitude from them. (Luckily, I’m just a SHINee casual.)

I know SHINee seem nice and approachable on the various TV programmes but here’s a reality check: it’s only for TV.

That said, I know some artist treat fans differently in different countries but so far, everything I’ve heard about SHINee is quite consistent in all countries. I wouldn’t bother approaching them for anything if I ever see them again coz it really is just a waste of time. There are many other nicer artists (kpop or not) out there who are more worth stalking.

29 thoughts on “Seoul Adventure: A Lost Mobile Phone and SHINee’s Minho

    1. apparently, it is common knowledge amongst the stalker fans (ie fans who follow them around to pass them stuff/wants an autograph (like me)) that the whole SHINee is very fan unfriendly. but i suspect that they had some really bad fan experience previously which resulted in their fan unfriendly attitude. i didn’t think he was arrogant… but really more of a “i don’t want to deal with any fans ever” type of unfriendly.

  1. hell-o~ you know.. sound like your nonsense fanaccount invite a fanwar. at first.. before you babbling like this.. do you even use your brain? LOL dont judge Minho just by that. before that. please look. you said he’s not nice just because he didnt say a thing? Who are you tbh. And who is him. What you expect? He says “HI I’M SHINee MINHO!” while you guys screaming his name? -___- not funny though. He’s not stupid. and calling his name and it was on the shop. what you expect? thats crowded -___-a

    for problem you dont get a chance for getting autograph is not his fault. you must know there was a dude that barked at you right? and i think this happen not only from SHINee. other boyband / girlband too. so this not artist’s fault. i think they are welcome for grabbed your all gift or whatever BUT look!! there are always bodyguard who prevent you all.

    Minho is so nice. you confess that you SHINee casual rite? so you dont know anything everthing about him. SO PLEASE dont even dare judge him just like that. you dont know everything. HE IS SO NICE YOU KNOW !!!!!

    1. I am a SHINee fan for four years, Minho is my ultimate bias and have encountered them for several times. It’s true that they’re sometimes a bit unfriendly off stage, depends on what occasion or their condition though. SM artists are usually like this, it’s kind of public knowledge between international fans (especially in Asia). Also, I don’t think you should attack someone for writing a fanaccount, it’s her experience, believe what you want to believe. Your immature comment is a shame to the fandom.

      1. i think my comment is fine. not shame at all LOL lalalalala
        i just dont like this becuase by this fanccount will make other newbie shawol or other fandom think that Minho is rude, so mean or etc. and i dont like if this will happen -_____-

      2. Of course you’re not ashamed of it, it’s your comment, d’uh. She didn’t even call Minho rude or mean. You make other newbie shawol or other fandom think that all shawol are rude while in fact, we are not all like you. Stop attacking people under anonimity, it’s not cool.

      3. girl please ya.. i know la she didn’t write that minho rude, mean or all.. i am not blind you know LOL i mean with her fanaccount that more cornered Minho that he is bad, unfriendly will make missunderstanding.. ah talking with you make me tired hahaha

      4. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. you don’t have to agree with what i have to say about minho but please do not bash other fans of your own fandom. and like you said, i don’t know everything and same goes with you. you don’t know everything as well. so please don’t be rude to other people.

      5. don’t be so overreacting. the stalker is just backfighting minho. however, fans will start defend minho since it’s a common knowledge for an idol to snub since they are obliged to. and what do you expect, that fans will respect this author’s account when this thing is purely illogical and nonsense?

      6. now I’m the one who overreact to this… I don’t get your logic. Minho is my bias too, fyi, ultimate bias in fact. Just please believe what you want to believe and don’t taint the fandom name. Like what you said, off stage celebrities are not obliged to be nice to the fans, I would defend Minho too because he’s not working for 24/7 to please the fan, there are circumstances where Idols get tired and didn’t really want to deal with some stalkers, hey they’re human too, but i hope we could tell the author in a better way.

    1. I laughed at this, thanks. 🙂 Also, the article says that there are other artists “worth stalking”. I wonder how one gets to be “worth stalking”…?

      1. in my definition, “worth stalking” is when i can get my albums signed by the artist without creating a scene in the process. and honestly, i really cannot be bothered to follow anyone around. 🙂

      2. don’t waste your time and energy to write something will only spark hatred. even you yourself would not want to be in his position like this.

    2. actually, i don’t expect anything when i call out to celebrities really. i just call them to get their attention. if they don’t want to answer, then it’s fine, it could be that they are having a bad day or something. no hard feelings.

      i just wanted to try to ask for an autograph from him since i happen to see him, and if he doesn’t want to sign, so be it. he just didn’t have to hide the other dude if he didn’t want to sign or anything. just say no firmly and walk away.

  2. i hope you understand that in public, idols are asked to snub fans especially the stalkers/saesengs. the companies think it’s the best way to get rid from troubles.

    1. i’ve heard stories floating about how idols get told to snub fans especially stalkers/sasaengs. (and it does annoy me how it totally ruins any chances for the regular fans to get to talk/meet their idols if they happen to see them on the street.)

      but like i said, i was just trying my luck. if he doesn’t want to sign, so be it. it’s not a big deal. and as i’ve replied to someone earlier, i didn’t think he was mean/rude or anything… just very possibly scarred by some bad fan-experience previously…?

      1. lol but you’re clearly brainwashing fans here to at least turn off with his attitude. don’t be hypocrite to deny that.

      2. i’d be surprised if i could brainwash anyone. and if anyone changes their mind about being a SHINee fan after reading my account, then they probably weren’t much of a fan in the first place.

  3. i am showal.i think you are so decisive!you only met once minho,what makes you say so?i laughed at”There are many other nicer artists (kpop or not) out there who are more worth stalking.”what was the meaning of this?hmm..i don’t want to such a little thing quarrel with you.hope you before making any thing,should think about ie,please.

  4. ok, first hello and thanks for sharing, this is your blog you’re free to post whaever you want. I’m a hardcore shawol,my ultimate group and babies.

    I’m not going against you, ofc, because you know what you saw and I have nothing to say about that. Instead, I got curious about the part you say :

    1. His reaction was everything that I’ve heard from other fans. Minho is not nice or friendly at all. – what did you hear? please share with me, I want to know 🙂

    and also, what exactly did he do? Just ignored? Well, maybe he was having a bad day… I don’t know, i hope you can tell me everything in detail.

    thank you for your time! ^^ and sorry my english sucks xD

    1. sure. i have no problem if anyone doesn’t agree with me on anything (as long as you are not being rude about it). and your english isn’t bad at all. 🙂

      as I like to collect autographs (and get them personally), I do check out and hear from other fans about what they say about the artist and for SHINee, I’ve always HEARD that the whole band is not friendly (to fans) and they always are cold/ignore fans.

      However, at events, they are always smiling and nice to the media people/when there are media cameras around/on stage.

      I didn’t want to assume but I found out first hand that there is some truth to all the talk I’ve heard.

      Minho just kept quiet and walked away really quickly. it was the dude with him who was unnecessarily rude. everyone was just standing there and i just called “minho” from a distance. no one was screaming or running so i don’t see why that guy needs to be so rude to the fans. i can only assume that the sasaeng fans really did something really horrible previously to make them react like this…? i don’t know.

      i get the feeling that minho just wanted to get away from the fans there as quickly as possible. He didn’t look like he was in a bad mood but then again, I don’t know what he is thinking. 🙂

      i’ve also heard stories of how agencies tell their artists not to sign or take photos with fans etc. so it could be a combination of things… i don’t know (and i don’t really care that much as well).

      i hope this satisfies your curiosity. 🙂

      1. thank so much!! I’m very insterested in this kind of things, seriously, since I’m an overseas fan, all I can see is on internet.

        So I’m trying to meet people who actually know and have seen them in real life, not to jugde them or anything, because they have their own lifes and I love them no matter what, but because I want to know more about the way they are. If is not asking for much, could you tell me what if you heard anything about my ultimamte bias Key? haha I’m just so curious and ready to hear anything, as you said, fans love them no matter what and I will love them forever, I’m not a celebrity so I can’t tell what they feel and etc. I’m just so curious.

        Once again, thank you very much 🙂

      2. i haven’t heard anything specific about Key actually. what i heard is always about SHINee as a group. if by any chance i ever get to see Key, I’ll let you know. hahaha. 😉

  5. Oh wish that I could know about such post at the time it was posted to plunge into defend Minho =.=. Now the post is too old but I can’t help myself not leaving comment here. Girl, do you know what is let artists feel the most annoying and be tired of? If you encounter him by chance without managers besides him, he could give you his autograph or have a short talk with you. But if he is with managers, it means that he is in work, it’s not his overtime work. SHINee many times gave fans autographs when they encountered with fans, because they met each others in their spare time.
    Plus if he gave you a album signs or took photo with you, this definitely would immediately stimulates fangirls spend their time to become stalkers. Artists dislike stalkers because stalkers is the ones who often invade their rare private time, but manager even hates because they are really tired of solving such kind of approacher. As a fan girl, I even more hate those girls who spend hours just to wait to see or walk behind them, it somehow would let fangirls look cheap. Minho is well-known of being really sweet and sincere, he is humble and never arrogant, but he doesn’t appreciate those who are stalker, that why he has no reaction towards.

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