Seoul Adventure: Sukira — Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio and ZE:A 5

While I was in Seoul, I also went to KBS where the open studio for Sukira: Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio programme takes place live on most nights.

KBS Lobby

I’d say that you shouldn’t bother to go there to try to pass stuffs to the DJs because you can’t get within an arm’s length of them. You can try to pass stuff to the special guests though. Just wait at the lobby. AND BE ORDERLY WHEN THE SPECIAL GUESTS APPEAR. DO NOT SCREAM OR RUN OR RUSH FORWARD.

That said, I went with my friend to Sukira only because I’ve never been there before and my friend just wanted to show me the way. Also, she wanted to see ZE:A 5 who was a special guest on Sukira on 29 March 2013.

Before Sukira
Before Sukira
During Sukira
During Sukira

Also, don’t even bother to go to Sukira to try to see our SJ boys via the window. There’s just too many fans and they bring chairs, stools and ladders to get a glimpse of the boys. In the crowd, there is a lot of jostling and pushing so people can fall and hurt themselves. Really, it is NOT worth it.

Furthermore, the boys are pretty deep inside and there are 2 layers of glass separating you from our boys. Honestly, from just standing outside the glass studio, you can’t see shit. And the worst part is their faces are mostly hidden behind the microphones. The best view is really via the bora stream.

If you are planning to take photos, I hope you have a really long zoom lens. My photos below are taken using 20x optical zoom and I cropped most of them for a closer frame. That’s how far inside they are.

When we arrived before Sukira, we saw that Little Psy/Hwang Min Woo was the special guest. After taking a few pictures, we left to go eat something. We only came back in time to wait a bit for ZE:A 5 to arrive. Within half an hour of ZE:A 5 arriving, we left. We also didn’t bother to wait for anyone to leave. Can’t be bothered really. It was very cold that night.

Anyway, here are my photos which came out well that I took while I was there. Enjoy!

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