Super Show 5 Live in Singapore 2013


YES PEOPLE!!!! YES!! YES!! YES!!!! OH!!! MY!!! GOD!!!

Even though I went to watch both days of Super Show 5 in Seoul, I am so going again for this Singapore date of coz!! Who’s going?

Tickets details are NOT out yet so please be patient!!

[22 April 2013 | Update]

Nope, ticket details are not out yet but I just wanted to list out the dates of the other Super Shows so you guys can watch it in your own country if available. Please don’t fight with the local fans for tickets on the first day ok? Give them a chance to buy tickets on the first day. If there are any tickets left after the first day, then you are more than welcomed to fly to wherever to watch the concert. Fair right?

Other Super Show 5 dates that have been announced so far:

  • 21 April 2013: Sao Paulo, Brazil [ #SS5Brazil ]
  • 23 April 2013: Buenos Aires, Argentina [ #SS5ARG ]
  • 25 April 2013: Santiago, Chile [ #SS5Chile ]
  • 27 April 2013: Lima, Peru [ #SS5Peru ]
  • 1 + 2 June 2013: Jakarta, Indonesia [ #SS5JKT ]
  • 16 June 2013: Hong Kong [ #SS5HK ]
  • 6 July 2013: Singapore [ #SS5SG ]
  • 27 + 28 July 2013: Tokyo, Japan [ #SS5Tokyo ]

Do let me know if I’ve missed anything. Will add a credit for sure and link to you if you have a page with local concert details. Drop me an email, twitter mention or comment below.

I have been searching for fancams and I will be using those hashtags that I’ve listed above to tweet anything relating to concerts on those dates like photos or fancams etc so you can search twitter for content. You are free to use those hashtags as well.

And finally, GO AND LEARN HOW TO SING “MARRY U” AND “SUNNY”… at least the chorus. Seriously, it will be a lot more fun if you sang along.

[25 May 2013 | Ticket details]

Finally can find some time to update on the ticketing details for this concert.

Super Show 5 Singapore seating planThe seating plan is out now. Just so you know, the layout is EXACTLY the same as Super Show 4.

For the Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun biased, you would want to be at the side of Mosh Pit B and C (based on my experience in Seoul). For the Siwon and Eunhyuk biased, you’ll want to be on the Mosh Pit A and D side. I was in the equivalent of pit B and C in Seoul and I remember seeing a lot of Sungmin, Kyunhyun and Ryeowook. (I am EunSiHae biased.)

Anyway, tickets are priced at $288 (VIP), $248 (Mosh pit and Terrace), $178 (Balcony and partially restricted view). Prices are in Singapore dollars and does not include the $3 Sistic fee. Also, they go on sale on 1 June 2013 at 10.00 am (SG).

And finally, remember DO NOT BUY TICKETS OFF THE BLACK MARKET WHICH COSTS MORE THAN THE FACE VALUE + FEES. And like last year, you guys are free to post in the comments to buy/sell/trade tickets… just as long as you keep to the face value of the ticket price or less. (Do not forget that I have the IP address of everyone who comments here.)

18 thoughts on “Super Show 5 Live in Singapore 2013

  1. Hihi, I am Sungmin biased. So it does not matter if I am in Most pit B or C? I want to see Hyunmin!! Hehe…

    1. b or c is fine. 🙂 kyu appears frequently at the part of the stage between pit b and c

    1. it doesn’t matter. he is mostly in the centre when they run around. i’d say c or d if u want to see his face. a or b if u prefer looking at their butts. ^^ kkekekeke

  2. Hihi ! How about Henry ? ^^ I’m at pit B so i do get to see wook right ! ^^ thanks for all your help tho ! It’s helpful !!

    1. i didn’t see henry much in seoul so i think he would be on the pit A and D side… and glad you find this helpful. ^^

  3. Hi looking fr a pair of SS5 SG terrace tickets, do contact me @ 98312186 please! Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi I want to ask , is it wise to wear heels for moshpit ? And i notice a lot who are in the moshpit goes to the venue very early ..I’m going alone And it is my first time

    1. no. it is not a very good idea at all to wear heels to the moshpit. you’ll be standing for more than 3.5 hours and people in the mosh put do run around in many different directions at the same time because the SJ boys will run all over the place! so you might fall/hurt yourself/other people. it would be better to wear covered shoes in the event that people step on your foot (mine got stepped on a few times at the mosh pit in ss5seoul).

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