B.A.P. Live on Earth in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

B.A.P. Live on Earth Singapore 2013

I think it must be the after-effects of watching Super Show; I thought the B.A.P. Live On Earth concert was too short. Haha. The concert was about 1 hour and 45 minutes long (which is about a standard concert length) but it felt way shorter than that. That said, it could only mean that the B.A.P. concert was AMAZING hence time flew by so quickly.

I really like the stage, sound and lighting at The Star Theatre. Well done to the sound and lighting team for their work last night, the stage production looked and sounded really, really good. I thought it was pretty flawless.

Also, I want to add that The Star Theatre is definitely a very good mid-sized concert/performing arts venue. There’s a catch though, if you are up there in the circles, the seats are the sides are actually restricted views so be careful when you choose your seats. The best seats are in the stalls and centre section of Circle 1.

B.A.P. Live on Earth Singapore 2013

I thought “Warrior” was a really good opening song. Very powerful and high energy performance to open the show. I like “No Mercy”, “One Shot” and “Power” as well. All the hard-hitting and edgy music with the fierce dance moves. Very nice. I like.

My impression of B.A.P. is that of masculinity and powerful/strong raw vibe with a dark undertone in their music and image. Then when encore came, they did songs from their earlier days (“Dancing In The Rain”, “Stop It” and “Crash”) which were more cutesy and it was actually quite endearing to watch them having fun and playing around on stage instead of strutting their stuff around manly.

I also like all the videos that they played during the concert. It was very interactive and my favourite ones were those with the score of the “Dance Cam”. It was hilarious and there was this one time when the fan actually hid from the “Dance Cam” and got a score of “-3”. SO EPIC! Hahahahaha.

However, it doesn’t mean that everything was perfect. Unfortunately for B.A.P., they did a few English song covers which is my forté; so I will pick up most if not everything… especially how Daehyun went off key during “I Believe I Can Fly” (R. Kelly). It started well but halfway through the song, there was a key change; Youngjae and Daehyun changed to DIFFERENT keys and were clashing all over the place for the rest of the song. If you need to know, Daehyun was the one who was in the wrong key. I don’t think the hardcore Babies cared but it was such a disaster.

B.A.P. Live on Earth Singapore 2013

Also, when they did “My First Kiss” (3Oh!3 featuring Ke$ha), I couldn’t stop laughing. Sorry but really I couldn’t help it. It was very, very funny to hear “My First Kiss” with a heavy Korean-accent and mispronounced lyrics. I nearly died when someone tried to sing Ke$ha’s part. It probably was a good thing that I didn’t notice who it was or I’ll probably judge that person forever.

Still, all in all, Live On Earth was good fun and a fantastic concert. I’d give it an 8/10. For reference amongst the concerts in 2013 so far, Aerosmith is a 10/10 and Super Show 5 Singapore is a 8.5/10.

Finally, the photos.

Before I post them, I would like to say that I’ve heard some buzz within the B.A.P. fandom of some fans were sitting in the stalls (they bought their own ticket) with a (legit) media pass and were taking photos throughout the entire concert.

It is annoying because I know that everyone with the media pass had to sit in Circle 2 (third level) and some of them had restricted view too. Only (x)clusive.sg and myself were in Circle 1 by a stroke of luck. Even the official media partners and photographer for the concert was seated at Circle 2. The camera policy was standard at all concerts, only recording and/or no-flash photography for the first 3 songs only.

Just so you know, most of us don’t count the number of songs and we just keep going until we are told to stop coz it is really hard to take pictures from that distance in such low lighting and we need to take as many photos as we can in the hope that there’s a great shot in there somewhere. To illustrate the point, I took 345 photos and I’m only uploading 31 to this blog entry coz that is how many that actually turned out usable/clear enough. Therefore, don’t ask me to bring you in as media to practise taking photos. I don’t provide craftsmanship-experience training.

So, my sore point is how those people abused the media pass and portrayed such an unprofessional image of the media in the K-pop community. You are on a media pass, you damn well act like a professional and respect the rules. Else, keep the pass and fangirl/boy all you want.

I have no issues with fans sneaking COMPACT cameras into concerts and taking sneaky pics/fancams. I do it a lot too (for the record, I only do it with my compact camera, not DSLR). I can understand the need/want to take some photos/fancams for recapping memories but DSLRs are an absolute NO.

Okay, I’m done ranting. Enjoy the photos. 🙂

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