Before You Exit Showcase in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

Pop/Rock sibling band Before You Exit is in town for a showcase and performance at the Colour Run this weekend.

Before You Exit Showcase in Singapore 2013

Must first say that I really regretted not bring my DSLR camera to the showcase. I was using my trusty little compact camera and I feel very disappointed with the photos that turned out actually. Then again, DSLRs are usually not allowed at shows unless you are holding a media/photographer pass but there wasn’t any bag checks or anything for this showcase. URGH!

Anyway, the showcase was just under 30 minutes and the boys of Before You Exit did the 4 songs off their “I Like That” EP:

  • End of the World
  • Soldier
  • I Like That
  • A Little More of You

I think the boys sounded pretty good but it was kinda hard to listen to them properly with the amount of fan girls screaming the entire time in the place. 🙂 Must say that the 4 songs from the EP are very sensible pop/rock songs as well. Pretty catchy too.

Just might head down to the Colour Run Start/End at Beach Station in Sentosa tomorrow (18 August 2013) to catch the boys perform around 8.00 pm. I’ll be sure to bring my DSLR if I do go.

Here are the few photos that turned out from the compact camera:

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