SPOTTED: Jessica Michibata in Singapore 2013

The lovely Jessica Michibata is the girlfriend of Fomula 1 McLaren driver Jenson Button. I’ve seen her around over the last few years but I never tried to approach her for an photo and autograph as circumstances have often made it awkward/rude for me to ask.

Jessica Michibata in Singapore 2013

Jessica Michibata autograph

When I saw her today, it was a perfect opportunity really. She was with Jenson Button but when other fans stopped Jenson for a photo and/or autograph, Jessica stepped aside and let the fans get to Jenson.

As I have already gotten a photo and autograph from Jenson a few years ago, I didn’t bother to join the crowd around Jenson so I went to Jessica instead.

She is really nice and pretty and I must add that she was wearing really high heels in the photo with her.

2 thoughts on “SPOTTED: Jessica Michibata in Singapore 2013

  1. Hi Babe! Would like to know which hotel did you manage to meet her at last year? Hoping to catch her this year as I have been a longtime fan of hers,any tips would be great, thanks in advance! xx

    1. Jensen should be in Conrad as always. I don’t think Jessica is with him this year. 🙁 I don’t know if she would fly in at the last minute or anything like that. You didn’t hear anything from me. 😉

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