SPOTTED: Paris Hilton in Singapore 2013

Honestly, I never thought this day would come; that I will meet Paris Hilton in Singapore.

Paris Hilton in Singapore 2013

I mean what reason does Paris Hilton have to come to Singapore previously right?

Still, now that she is giving DJ-ing a go, it is more likely but still, I really did not expect this to happen. Haha.

Anyway, Paris Hilton is really sweet and nice. Also, she isn’t as fluffy/flaky/dumb as you think she would be given how she was portrayed on her reality show, “The Simple Life”. In fact, there was something quite infectious about her breezy and seemingly carefree attitude.

She obliged to autographs and photos despite clearly being tired from her whirlwind trip through Hong Kong into Singapore.

Paris Hilton autograph

Definitely very pleasantly surprised and pleased to have met her. 🙂

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