Seoul Adventure: Sukira Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio with Ryeowook Again

Honestly, I wasn’t planning to head down to Sukira to see Super Junior Ryeowook for this trip but my friend hasn’t been there before and wants to go there so I ended up going again.

Sukira Super Junior Kiss The Radio with Ryeowook

There wasn’t any special guests this time around. Only the usual Healing Café bunch of people. I think there was a new group/band called Vanilla Acoustic that night or something. Can’t really remember.

Anyway, Ryeowook wasn’t in a good mood that day. He was kinda moody and it seems to be related to Radio Star appearance or something. (I went down on 9 October 2013 if you really need to know.)

Nothing much interesting happened when I was there but since I had my DSLR with me that day, here are some crap photos which I managed take of Ryeowook that day.

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